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Imai PTA Supports Our School and All Our Kids

Our parent community is one of the things that makes our school great!  The PTA works year-round to support our school and strengthen the Imai Elementary community. Imai PTA spends $250-$300 per student each year on things such as:

Programs Supporting the Curriculum
  • Supplemental curriculum materials for teachers

  • Classroom supplies

  • TK & Kindergarten P.E.

  • Kindergarten Art in Action

  • Extra field trips and transportation

  • Assemblies and author visits

  • Library books and improvements

  • PE and recess equipment

  • Time for Kids and
    Scholastic News magazines

  • Family & parent education nights

  • Music - supplemental 4th grade choir and Honor Choir

  • Environmental Education (Grades 3-5)

  • Student Planners
    (Grades 3-5)

  • Friday Folders

Enrichment Programs
  • Weekly/biweekly science lab

  • Project Cornerstone and inclusion initiatives

  • Imagineerz Learning (creative engineering)

  • Project-Based Learning (PBL) initiatives

  • Coding

Enrichment Software
  • Math IXL

  • Lexia

  • Newsela

  • BrainPop

  • Computers, tablets, and carts

  • Classroom projectors and bulbs

  • Tech squad and technology coach

Campus Maintenance 
and Improvements
  • School/classroom improvements (backpack hooks, bulletin boards, etc.)

  • Classroom rugs (K-2)

  • School gardens and flower boxes

  • Beautification Day and ball wall

Community and Character Building
  • Summer socials for new TK & Kinders

  • Class posting popsicle social

  • Annual silent auction party

  • Literacy Week

  • Growth Mindset

  • Digital TAT2 (digital citizenship)

  • School Yearbook

  • Walkathon

  • Eaglefest (spring carnival)

  • Family Science Night

  • Multi-Cultural Day

  • 5th Grade Tea & Graduation Party

  • Staff Appreciation

  • Parent Coffees / hospitality

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