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Huff PTA spent approximately $325 per student in 2018-2019 on programs and events like the ones listed here. The programs, often requested by teachers, enrich the curriculum being taught in class, give students an opportunity for divergent thinking, and may provide supplementary learning opportunities from home. The activities and events include powerful lessons in emotional intelligence and conflict resolution (Project Cornerstone), perseverance (Growth Mindset), and inclusion (Muti-Cultural Day and Summer socials).

Join Huff PTA to continue supporting these many programs and activities at Huff!

Other programs, events, and supplies funded by the PTA:

Classroom supplies including projectors and bulbs, K-2 rugs, Friday Folders

Supplemental field trips

Kindergarten Art in Action

Family and Parent Education Nights

Huff gardens and flower boxes

Summer Socials

Huff Cares Week

Beautification Day

Literacy Week

Staff Appreciation

Hospitality (coffee/snacks for blacktop meetings)


Auction Gala

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