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Box Tops for Education • New changes in 2019

Old Style Box Tops


New Style Box Tops


From Huff's Box Top's Coordinator, Gina Rybolt

New update for Box Tops - it’s going digital!  There will still be old-style Box Tops on packaging floating around for awhile.  These are still valid and can be redeemed for money as long as they are not expired, so please continue to turn these in to the office!


The new digital Box Tops say "No More Clipping" at the top of the logo.  Do not cut these out and turn them in.  If you buy a product with this new image on it, you can scan your receipt using the Box Tops app on your phone and the money goes directly into our account!

Old style Box Tops can still be clipped and sent in for money until they expire.  Please turn them into the office! If you see these, you can still scan your receipt into the app and we’ll get double - $0.10 for the physical Box Top and $0.10 for the scanned Box Top!


When you download the mobile app, choose Frank L Huff and then press the “scan” button to scan your receipt.  The money for each clip will automatically be credited to our school. The school receives a check twice a year - money we use to support programs for our kids!  


Get more information here at the Box Tops website.

Don’t have a phone or don’t want to deal with it?  I’ll deal with it.  Turn your receipts in to the Box Tops box in the office and I’ll scan them myself.  Receipts need to be submitted within 14 days so they need to be turned in as soon as you can.  I’ll check the office box frequently and enter the receipts myself.


This is more work in some ways but less work in other ways.  Regardless, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a ridiculously easy way for us to earn money to support our students.  Since Huff started collecting Box Tops, we’ve earned over $7,000!!!! Last year we earned just over $450 and I know we’re capable of earning much more.  Every clip and scan helps get us there!


I’m happy to answer any questions you have.  Please flag me down if you see me or send me an email.


Have a great year, Huff Hawks!  Keep clipping too!!

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